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Welcome & Overview

Welcome to SMI Private Client!  Our online process, explained below, will guide you through all the steps required to set up your new SMI Private Client accounts.

During this process, your information is automatically saved each time you click "Next". In addition, our system automatically emails you a link to continue where you left off in the process after 1 hour of inactivity. 

Step 1 – Risk Assessment:  You will answer a series of questions about your investment knowledge and experience, time horizon, income needs, and portfolio volatility tolerance.

Step 2 – Portfolio Proposal:  Based on your responses to the risk assessment, we will recommend an appropriate mix of SMI investment strategies.  You will have the option to accept our proposal or adjust it to better match your preferences.

Step 3 – Personal Information:  You will need to provide your personal information including birthdates and social security numbers for all individuals or trusts who will be owners or beneficiaries of any of your accounts.

Step 4 – Account Information:  You will need to provide existing investment account information, which will be used to open your new accounts at TD Ameritrade and initiate the transfers.  During this step, we recommend that you upload a copy of a recent statement for each account, because many custodians require them before executing transfers.  

Step 5 – Sign Documents:  Using the information you provided in Steps 3 and 4, we will prepare and email the necessary account documents to you within one business day.  Once you have reviewed and electronically signed the documents, TD Ameritrade will work with your current custodian(s) to transfer your investment account(s).  

After your accounts are open and funded, we will invest in the mix of SMI strategies you selected in Step 2, and you will receive an email providing instructions to log in to your SMI Private Client Dashboard.  

Thank you for your interest in SMI Private Client.  We look forward to serving you!

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